When I went to Italy….. :)

I remember the first time I went to Italy when I was just 21.
I was on business tour and moreover my first foreign visit. So ultimately it was more like a leisure trip for me. I went alone to Italy via Dubai. I was tensed earlier to visit a completely foreign land when I actually do not have any command over Italian language and they too don’t entertain English so much. No cellphone with Italian sim.. nothing.. What I had was my luggage, 3000 Euros and address of Hotel.

The moment I landed up on the airport, I was so worried whether the taxi I had booked for the hotel from airport will arrive or not.. what if it doesn’t? Terrifying.  I followed the instructions on the airport.. like immigration and all..Fortunately all went smoothly. I collected my baggage and moved towards the exit. Husssshhhhhh… Sigh of relief when I  saw a person holding a board of my name!! He was very friendly guy. He dropped me safely at the hotel and also shown some beautiful places on my way to the hotel. It took me 4 hours to reach to the hotel since Pope arrived in Milan the same day to install some gold statue on Duomo. Hectic but went smoothly.

I was in Milan, the fashion capital of the world and there were all these eighteen, nineteen, twenty-year-olds gliding past on Vespas with crinkly, long, hair, and I thought I was on the set of a movie. I couldn’t believe that this was going on and I hadn’t known about it before. As a fashion capital there is symbol of Thread and needle at one of the stations in Milano… starts from C… oooppss… I forgot the name.. But I was flabbergasted with the beauty. Wow.. I mean simply wow..!!!

It was spring when I went to Italy so every view was so damn pleasant. Every gallery of home had beautiful flowers and everything was just like Heaven. Pretty amazing and totally new experience for me. I met few of my office colleagues who were already there. I had authentic Italian lunch. Had some rest and setting up the things for office next day.

It’s evening and to my surprise the sunset view from my window was so beautiful.. beyond words.  I could see Alps (swiss mountain) from my window with a thin layer of snow on it which was shining in golden Sunrays…!! Awesome isn’t it?

First day of office… woke up at 3am… as per Indian time 6am habbit. 😛

It was raining heavily. Thank god, I had brought my umbrella. Got ready on time…went to station.. struggled initially but could manage with Belletti (ticket) and reached to office.. I had never seen my boss before..nor any one in my Italian team. I met him.. wow.. so friendly and kind.. he is 45 years old and treats me like his own daughter…!! All my team of 4 was so so so friendly that I didn’t even feel that I am on foreign land.  Had great lunch in the office and I enjoyed the most beautiful view of Alps from my working place as well. My office was located at the heart of the city which is known as the most expensive place in Milano – Garibaldi.

My team used to bring Italian cuisines for me everyday.. sometimes used to take me to Gelato (Ice-cream) parlor.. , Duomo – Milan cathedral, Como lago, Galleria vittorio Emanuele, Sforza castle, Brera art gallery,  Royal palace of Milan and all other beautiful places in Milan. And finally to Pizzeria for pizza party.

I went to Italy for my office training but that is not the interesting thing to describe here. 😛

Next weekend was to Rome. It takes a whole week to cover whole Rome. though I could manage to visit the important destinations in one day like Trevy fountain, Colosseum and outside view of Vatican city. 😦

Next time to Venice… the most romantic city in the world… I wish I would have gone there with my loved one.. but no worries life is too long to visit Venice again. :p

Venice was the great experience… lovely.. went to Basilica di San Marco, a clock tower, enjoyed an iconic gondola (Venetian boat), bridge of sighs, glass factory., grand canal, doges palace, St. Mark square, San Rocco, Cannareggio, specialty gift shops and what not… honestly I don’t remember lot many names now…!! Had a great day…!!!

Next time to Florence… The name itself is romantic.. isn’t it?

I visited Florence cathedral, Basilica of Santa cross, Palazzo vecchio, and the golden bridge where you can buy purple gold. I just loved Florence. In Florence you can buy genuine leather..and the genuine made in Italy ties – i.e. Gold city ties. I bought genuine leather jackets, purses and wallets for myself and all family members…!!  Can I gift them anything better than this?

The journey to Florence was more memorable because I went their by EuroStar which is known as the fastest train in Europe. It disappears within a blink of one’s eye. I kept all my shopping stuffs in the train and forgot to take it when I got down. I started walking towards the station and I realized that I forgot it in train… my heart started beating too faster… afterall it was a matter of 600 Euro (42000 Rs). :O

I started running towards a train and told the conductor that I forgot my luggage in train. and the Kind Italians….. !!! Specially stopped the train for me … let me get in.. I took out my luggage comfortably and came out…!! In fact people helped me to take it out… I thanked them hundred times… and the response was so sweet…”My pleasure pretty lady…”  I was really impressed with the kind gestures of Italian…!!  I still am..!! 🙂 🙂

Next destination.. Ravenna for plant inspection with my boss. I went to Ravenna in car… where I visited several beautiful places…like Emily, Verona. Verona is a Romeo and Juliet city. I was fascinated with the river there which was of clear crystal blue color with colored pebbles. The water is  so clear that even if you drop a pin into water, you can easily see the pin going into water and settling on the pebble. Never experienced such thing in life. I saw the houses of  Romeo and Juliet… Only one word.. Awesome..!!

On my way to Ravenna, I went to 3 motor factories, BMW, Ferrari and Alpha romeo. The officer in Ferrari gifted me a small dummy Ferrari toy…!!Glee… gonna show it off..!! 🙂

Went to the site… the plant which needs to be inspected was itself amazing… it was on the border of Croatia in Mediterranean sea… 🙂 Went there… saw the border…!! Day ended…!!

Time in Milano came to an end… I might have not listed hundreds of places I had explored in Italy.. names are pretty difficult to remember for me… one is Sabato Market… !! My favorite…!! 🙂 , Prada showroom…, Swarovski… Only I know how much I have shopped from this fashion capital.

I have an habit of buying souvenir from every place I visit.. thus, my bag was full of Prada purses, Swarovski pendants, Venzian masks, Glass articles from Glass factory.. leather jackets, hats, wallets, purses… chocolates.. lots of gifts from my teammates..and too many to list if I remember it now. 🙂

I had too many foreign tours afterwards.. but first tour is always memorable one… I went there alone and learnt each and everything… It made me confident enough to survive on any piece of land in the world…!!

Ciao..!! 🙂

Ms. Prajkta Waditwar




When I went to Italy….. :)

Observation is the best Teacher…!!

And the journey from Malad to Airoli begins…. (I was travelling back to home from office in my office bus..)
Today I preferred to keep my headset and Smartphone inside the bag and felt just to observe the people on the road (observing people is my hobby..) and I swear I really saw two different sides of life today, like two sides of coins, we call Head and Tail. What I saw was RICH vs POOR…!!
Rich people… enjoying the shopping… roaming in their Mercedes, BMW.. Audi…. with those branded clothes and accessories…with every comfort.. but I wonder why tensed faces….. 🙂 They can be known as greedy… !! for something more and more.. and again more..! A guy in Maruti 800 wants Mercedes, Mercedes wants BMW, BMW wants Audi, Audi wants Ferrari.. (I can list other expensive cars here.. but that’s out of topic.. 🙂 )
I saw some middle class crowd enjoying food and tea at TAPRI….. wow.. such a great life…. 🙂 They must be enjoying…!!
It touched my heart when I moved my eyes on other side… where I saw an old, poor man carrying 2-3 sacks containing kg’s of grains on his back….. probably that has more weight than his own body weight…sweating badly….thinking about his past.. thinking about his family… no money to buy a comfort but still a smile and the freshness on the face…. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Those sweepers, poor ladies… rikshawalas.. all were very happy and satisfied in their life…… smile on the faces.. 🙂

Poor little boys playing with a zest with no knowledge of future, no worries, no tensions….with a smiling faces.. 🙂 afterall that is what childhood is… (said in Marathi : Lahanpan dega deva, Mungi sakhrecha rava..).. !!! (missing my childhood now.. 😥 )

Couples were deeply, madly in love…. of course at Powai lake…(I felt jealous, I have no one to pamper.. 😦   :/  .).. .they were smiling.. 🙂

I saw some ladies eagerly waiting for customers to buy the roadside vegetables…..
And several more things which touched my heart……… I went into tears…!! 😥 

I really wonder how all these people hide all their sorrow behind that sweet smile!!!!! Though one has not at all seen that good side of life even once… how can anyone be so happy even only in the darkness of life!!!
My Italian boss always says.. “You Indians are always Happy and with smiling faces”…Today I totally agree with him… “Simply Incredible INDIA”…. .. no more words….
(Lastly… Thank you god… I’m really a blessed child… u have always shown me the beauty of life and kept away from those troubles……)
Awesome day it was… very special….. Now, I can unflinchingly say that I have learnt a lot from life today …..

Prajkta Waditwar

Observation is the best Teacher…!!

Marriages are made in heaven.. Really??

Firstly, I welcome myself here on WordPress.com.  This is my first blog and as usual I am in dilemma what exactly I have to write here..!! I usually write when I actually feel to and today I don’t have any such mood. But I must begin with something.

One of my best friend’s got married yesterday. I am 21 now and fortunately got an opportunity to join one of the biggest EPC’s in the world. So it is obvious that my relatives have started asking me about my marriage plans. But honestly, I have never even given a thought on it. I mean I am child now.  Am I really capable of handling a whole new family?  ohh C’mon, it’s just 21…!!! :/

My other friends are getting married soon.. most of them are enjoying the golden period of their lives before marriage, they visit their in-laws often, talk to their would be’s for hours and hours. I wonder what exactly they  must be talking to a stranger..??  How to begin a talk? it’s a biggest question in my mind. In fact, when I use a public transport,  I have seen many girls murmuring on their cellphone, I sometimes wonder what they actually talk in such a low voice? How can the person on other side hear what they are saying? And the most important who’s network provider? Airtel?, Idea? Reliance? Vodafone? or? Because when I speak on phone, I think the whole compartment can hear and guess exactly whom I am talking to. Is it only me who is surprised with all such things or am I still immature? I am worried now.  😦

I never fell in any love relationship till now nor I could manage time for all this from my other learning activities. My friends used to exchange greetings, flowers and usually had lot many surprises on their birthdays  but I never felt the need of anyone to pamper me like this. I was happy and I still am.

It’s the universal fact that every being doesn’t always remain single. Marriage is considered an important part in every one’s life, a special moment for all who value love and believe in relationships. I very well know this and I  had read lot many stories about marriages and experiences of people and their views on the marriage. One of my favorites is :


Yeah, it’s not that I didn’t like anyone till now but that liking was just a liking and… and.. just a liking up to me. That’s it!!  And surely what I know that I am so choosy that I hardly liked anyone so much so that I would think of spending my whole life together with that person. I am very practical and if in future as well I happen to like anyone I will need all the courage in the world to say what I think about him… to open my mouth slowly and whisper the magical words, “ I love you..”..  Oh God..!! I wish God has written ‘Love-Arranged’ kinda marriage in my destiny where my marriage is arranged by my parents and I will fall madly in love with the one they have chosen for me. 😉 😉

Whereas, my personal views on marriage are pretty different. Marriage is not with the looks but with the compatibility. In literature, it is said that Marriage is to bind two people together, it is said to bind the two hearts together. For me it is to bind two new families together. For me it is important to look at not only the historical period, but also on the geographical location and the cultural traditions of the individuals involved in the marriage relationship. And the most important the expectation from prospective life partner. Because as soon as the wedding vows are exchanged, you’re on a different, accelerated life path and you cannot devote your whole life learning the new traditions and rituals of the family you just have entered because this time should be invested to know each others, not rituals.

Indeed it is very difficult to know the person in first instance or in just few meetings. We know each other better when we spend more and more time. And ofcourse as per Indian traditions where couples meet, ask few questions, exchange few thoughts and decide to get married within few months, it is very difficult to know each other completely. But when I will decide to get married, I want to understand, isn’t it necessary to know the basic things about our life partner before getting married? His Likes and dislikes? His food choices? what makes him happy? how to surprise him? How to show him every moment how special he is to me? It’s not limited to only my partner but also prospective in-laws as well. And I too expect the similar treatment for me and my parents from my partner and his family. I want my in-laws to love and treat me like their own daughter. 🙂 🙂

so those are just my views… let’s see what my destiny brings to me. 😛 😛

It is often said that, someone somewhere is made for you and the moment you see that person, you will feel that he is the only one you have been waiting for so long.  But later we see that due to lack of understandings and mental compatibility, people move apart. So, how can we say that they are the perfect match since they haven’t given any efforts to nurture their relationship and understand each other?  It is the physical attraction what makes them to get married and eventually end up in separation due to lack of wavelength match. Strange..!! Isn’t it? :O

I think, even if you’re really ready for marriage and can picture the entire rest of your lives together, it’s normal to wake up some days and think, “Holy sh*t, I’m married forever and ever??” Even if you have spent sufficient time with each other to know each other better, we may realize that even after knowing each other for so long why this relationship has become unbearable for me now? and probably this is because when two people are in infatuation (I won’t say love… initial step is not of Love.. but this infatuation when gets converted into love, Love grows with time..), they try to impress each other in all the possible ways,. They behave, they talk, they like what the other person likes and it is after marriage we get to know the real person. So it is not the spending time together but it is a commitment to understand and respect each others feelings and concerns for the life time.

I have no experience of marriage yet, not even a love relationship but I have seen several couples who are still discovering each other even after 30-40 years of marriage.  And that is the actual beauty of a relationship where everyday you discover new thing about your partner. Why to go too far?  see our own parents. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Everyone knows marriage is a big commitment, of course it is. But even when getting married is a natural step in your happy relationship, years later when you’re more appreciative of the decades you have ahead of yourselves, you can be floored by how extraordinary it is to commit the remainder of your life to one person.

Marriages are made in heaven and love our partner endlessly, so much so that it can be enjoyed even in hell. 😛

After all it depends on finding the right person and being the right person. That’s it..!!!


I guess I have well written at my first attempt. 😛

Ms. Prajkta Waditwar 🙂



Marriages are made in heaven.. Really??