Something just for me – Prajkta (Parijatak flower)

Roj ek nayi pyaar ki umang lekar khilta,
Dhalti shaam ke rangome jeevan ko hai dhundhta,
Apni khushboo ke geeto se pukarta.
Apni saraltase sabke dil hai jo jitata,
Rajni ke aangan me nishabd ban bikharta,
Fulo ki kaayanaat me rang se naa alipt,
Khushboo ki mehfil me bhale hi naa ho parichit,
Par apne sthaan se girkar bhi chadhta hai sirf wohi uske sir,
Bas Rab ne hi pehchani hai uski ahemiyat…!!!
Something just for me – Prajkta (Parijatak flower)

A memorable visit to the Vidarbhism Khajuraho..!!!

Back to the work routine and again I have become busy bee..!! It’s today, I could take out some time to write.

Before coming back to Mumbai, I visited the village Chamorshi near 160km from Nagpur- my native place. The place Markanda near Chamorshi is known for the ‘Shiva’ temple situated at the bank of Wainganga river.

The journey started with the delicious breakfast at tapri in small village, batatawada, kandepohe, kanda-bhaji and hot tea… !! Awesome.. simply awesome it was.

The place of attraction is the 200-300 years old Shiva temple. It is a cluster of 24 ancient temples, which are perhaps the most elaborately sculptured temples dedicated to Shiva. The carving of the temple is marvelous, simply incredible. The pujari in the temple told that out of the 24 temples, only 18 stand, the rest claimed by lightning 300 years ago. The temples are red and majestic; its walls are adorned with buxom, bold, beautiful, detailed sculptures of gods, goddesses, monkeys, lions, elephants, and nymphs. A shivalingam is at the centre of this theatre of ruins. The pujari explained that the place is unique for one reason: it has a shrine dedicated to Yama Dharma Raj or God of Death. I could say it’s a Vidarbhism Khajuraho.

And and the most important is the river with clear sky blue color. It was my first ride in the boat – say hodi. (hodi/ nav is the wooden boat). 🙂


During return journey, I had even more delicious food at Dhaba…!!

The day well spent with family… peace.. much needed change…!!! 🙂

Don’t know when I will get such break again…  busy again.. !! 😦

The pictures can tell better story. Enjoy the pics.. Hasta la vista..!!


A memorable visit to the Vidarbhism Khajuraho..!!!

My views on Celebrating Birthdays in Orphanage..!!

I have seen lots of people nowadays, celebrating their birthdays at orphanage and then posting those pictures on social networking sites…!! (people can go to any extent to Instagram their pics nowadays…)

I have pretty different view on this and I have a full right to share it.

I really don’t agree with this trend nowadays..!! Is it a status symbol? I mean, do people think that posting such pictures would show the world how great human beings they are? They are wrong I guess.

Everywhere, it has become an increasingly fashionable nowadays to celebrate birthdays among orphans.Celebrating a birthday in orphanage usually means  distributing sweets or clothes or books or furniture to orphanage or poor school. I appreciate the kindness to share the happiness with under privileged but won’t it be sensitive to do something meaningful like sponsoring education if you really want to help? In my opinion its next to cruelty to parade and pamper yourself  in front of kids who don’t have a family for namesake!

Of course, sharing our happiness with less fortunate people is a great idea rather than wasting money on those big parties… !!! How about letting the kids cut the birthday cake? Instead of paying, distributing food items and sharing quality time with these special kids sound a better idea to me. How about contributing the money in group and sponsoring the education of kids? I totally understand that not everyone can sponsor education. It’s a long term financial commitment, and we can’t take such decision just like that in excitement and leave it after sometime. How about giving them gifts during Diwali or on birthdays, like crackers, books, pens, pencils? I guess this is affordable for the people who are willing to donate at the orphanage…!! How about teaching them free of cost during weekends…?

The great idea would be contributing and celebrating those kids’ birthdays than celebrating your own.

What actually annoys my mind is why posting it on social networking sites? To see how many like you are getting for your act of kindness? or to see whether your loved ones will get impressed by your kind gestures and think that how lucky they are to get such a great human being like you? why need a show off?

Once I saw on Facebook that someone had posted his  acknowledgment receipt where 1000/Rs amount was written which he donated to orphanage. What to comment now??? 😦

Anyways let us not be judgmental and welcome the ideas coming from the genuinely interested people. I believe it is all about the intention. With genuine intention comes the thoughtfulness and idea to care and cater to their needs. Otherwise it simply turns an act to boost our own ego and cater to our own sense of pride.

Point is, “Donate for your own happiness not to impress people.  🙂 🙂 🙂 ”

Ms. Prajkta Waditwar


My views on Celebrating Birthdays in Orphanage..!!

On the path of calmness…

That’s it..!! I am tired of it now…!!! I am tired of hearing what friends call me..!! What makes them call me Bhajan when I have such a beautiful name on this planet? Why do they start clapping as in Kirtan or Pravachan when I start talking? Do they think, I have soporific aura around me?? OMG..!!!

I am tired…!!! Angry..!!! And so I have challenged my friends that I will transform the soporific aura to an aura of peace…!! Yeah, it’s a challenge now..!! I am quiet since five days…!! Only I know what I am feeling inside..!! Earlier every thought that used to zip through my brain popped out of my mouth,,, but I am silent now…!! It is really painful..!! How come a loquacious person completely turn to Laconic?

Oh God… ! If I continue to stay silent for few more days, I am surely gonna vomit..!! But what about the challenge??  No worries at all… chill…!!!
I will write about my thoughts here now .. let them enjoy the peace… one day they will get bored without me… :/  they will miss my talk…!! Why would I change myself?? But challenge…???  I wish they would have known this,

“I am far more of a loner than people would imagine. But I am the most gregarious and socially interactive loner you ever met. The thing is, I am fascinated by people’s stories and I am very talkative and can’t ever say NO to anything or anyone. So I tend to over-socialize, to give give away too much of my time to the many people I adore.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert.

forget it… leave them…!! :/

I love to observe people… just observe them.. their faces.. the worries.  I frequently go to Mumbai airport to see they carry them, how they talk,… lot many things to learn for me where I lack. Afterall observation is the best teacher.. isn’t it? I have pretty huge list of experiences to share with but let me start with my AOL (Art Of Living) experience.

I have completed AOL Happiness program just few days back.  I learnt Sudarshan kriya there…!! I wanted to join it earlier but really couldn’t manage with time. But inspired from my friend who is intelligent, successful yet so calm, made me join it at the earliest. According to him, if I practice it regularly for 3 months, I will automatically become calm. hahaha…I will won the challenge then..!! Let’s see..!! But yes,, I can see the difference in me now.. !! Can’t really express in words my happiness for having learnt this invaluable technique. On the first day of kriya, I was feeling like angles are roaming around me. I have now started pampering my soul. It has brought stillness in my mind and I feel more lively and energetic nowadays. wow..!!! Pretty amazing experience.

I am very much attached to my friends and family and any disputes with them used to frustrate me. I was just struggling with the issue of attachments.. !! But now I am experiencing several positive changes on physical, mental and emotional levels. On physical level, I don’t feel tired throughout the day. Clarity of mind, contentment, creativity, logical reasoning has improved to remarkable levels on the mental level and I am sure doing it regularly will change my life upside down. I mean, I felt so many emotions in just those 10 – 15 minutes, all what I experienced throughout my life. I can now easily let go negative things and people.

This course has changed my life immensely, I feel happier, more energetic, optimistic about situations and people. I can never forget this experience and my teacher Sheetal.
I am really grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, even though I have never met him, for introducing Sudarshan Kriya in my life and making me feel extraordinarily happy.

So finally I am walking on the path of calmness….!! I won…!!! 😉


Ms. Prajkta Waditwar







On the path of calmness…

Happy Teacher’s day…!!!

Today is the birthday of the most revered teacher – Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrisnan – an incredibly knowledgable scholar yet a very kind guide. It is the day when students appreciate and recognise their teachers for their efforts in shaping the lives and careers. On this day, I would like to Thank almost each and every individual I met till the moment because each person has taught me enough to add into my life experiences. If I look back to admire the people who have contribution in those proud and prestigious moments went by in my life, I realise it’s not only my family and teachers but all my friends, critics, enemies; almost everyone has an enormous share.
Indeed I don’t need any special day to thank these folks, still today I would soul heartedly thank the individual who actually taught me to colour the Canvas in my childhood. He was a poor and senile man, yet still taught me painting into the small classroom with full enthusiasm. And because of him today I can add the word ‘PROFESSIONAL’ with my painting skills. He is no more now but every-single day when I hold paint brush I remember him. Honestly, Only ‘thanks’ is not enough for the efforts he has taken to teach me, the gratefulness is for everyday… Lifelong..!!!
Moreover, I was always one of the most beloved students of my teachers since childhood. Ironically, I couldn’t meet each one of them now but I always feel this for them:
“आपने बनाया है मुझे इस यौग्य
की प्राप्त करू मै अपना लक्ष…!!!
दिया है हर समय अापने सहारा..,
जबभी लगा मुझे की मै हारा…!!!”

Happy Teachers’ day…!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Ms. Prajkta Waditwar

Happy Teacher’s day…!!!


Though Online banking – money transfer, online tax payments, tax returns save our precious time but with the introduction of same, number of frauds have been increased tremendously.
I thought of sharing the incidences happened with me and one of my friends today so that atleast some people would be aware of this hoodwinking and will not be lured by the cheaters.
Incidence 1
I received a message from DM-087570 on my mobile (the one which is not or never been registered with online banking):
quote ”
Dear Miss Prajkta Waditwar, This is an official reminder that your income tax benefit has been computed and it is ready to be released to you. Your column statistics revealed that you are due for a refund of 39,775.09 Rs. Follow the link to request a refund to enable us transfer the amount into your account
The above mentioned link is fake.
The authorised link for any issues regarding income is for India is as below: 2
My friend received a call from ICICI (fake) saying ‘your account is not registered with KYC (Know your customer), and asked her to register it else the account will be closed. The person on other side, ensured that he will register the account with KYC (showing as if he is an ICICI employee and has rights to do so..) only thing you have to do is to confirm the code to be sent on your mobile. The code is nothing but OTP (One time password) for net banking.Above incidences can happen with anyone, just do not entertain such messages or calls and don’t be a victim of such frauds.


Ms. Prajkta Waditwar


The story behind my name….. Prajkta..

The Story behind my name..Prajkta or Prajakt in Sanskrit “Prajakta or Prajakt is a name of a flower. The name of the tree that bears these flowers is called the Parijat Tree.

“The botanical or scientific name of the Parijat tree is “Nyctanthes arbor-tristis” (sometimes incorrectly cited as Nyctanthes arbortristis or Nyctanthes arbor tristis) and is also commonly known as”

“• Night-flowering Jasmine ”
“• Coral Jasmine • Parijat (also spelled Paarijat or Paarijaata) ”
“• Harsingar ”
“• Shephali ”
“• Pavazha malli in Tamil (Also spelled pavaza malli or pavala malli) ”
“• Prajakta or Prajakt in Sanskrit ”
“• Ganga Shiuli in Oriya ”

The tree is sometimes called the “*”tree of sorrow”*”, because the flowers lose their brightness during daytime; the scientific name *”arbor-tristis”* also means *””sad tree””*. The flower is the official flower of the state of West Bengal, India, and for Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand.


*”Parijat”* appears in several Hindu myths. In one myth, which appears in*Srimad Bhagavatam*, the*Mahabharata* and the *Vishnu Purana*, Parijat appeared as the result of the *Samudra manthan (Churning of the Milky Ocean)*. In another myth, *”Parijat”* was brought to earth by Krishna from Indra’s garden. In Hindu mythology, there is a story involving Lord Krishna about a parijat and Krishna’s two wives, Satyabhama and Rukmini.

Satyabhama wanted this *””Parijat””* tree from the Heaven to be planted in her garden. Rukmini too, took a fancy to the flower. Krishna, wanting to keep both his wives happy, planted this tree so that the flowers fell in Rukmini’s garden while the tree remained in Satyabhama’s garden. The tree was planted in the garden of Indra, the Lord of Heavens. Even as Krishna stole a branch of the tree he was spotted by Indra. However, Indra desisted from placing a curse on Krishna since he was an incarnation of Vishnu. Still, Indra put forth a curse on the stolen branch that it will never bear fruit even though the flowers may bloom on the tree. Since the day the tree was planted at Barabanki (the wives’ garden), it flowers but does not reproduce, because it has no seeds and the branch cannot take root.

Not only the tree has high medicinal values in Ayurveda and is divine to Hindus, but also has it’s share of stories of it’s romantic origin. According to Hindu mythology,*”Parijathaka “*a princess was in love with sun and failed to win his heart, even after trying a lot. So She committed suicide and from her ashes rose the tree parijatha. Unable to stand the sight of her love, she blooms only during night and sheds all the flowers (resembling tears) before the sun rises or with the touch of very first sun rays. The highly fragrant flowers bloom during night spreading there essence all to the surroundings. The courtyards filled with these flowers in the very morning is a bliss to eyes and their aroma arises your spirit. These are apparently only flowers that Hindus offer to GOD picked from the ground instead of plucking from the tree.

So, next time if you come across a*”Parijat tree”*, stand for a while and try to capture not only its beauty and goodness but also the romance that it holds within.

Source – Google..!!

The story behind my name….. Prajkta..