A memorable visit to the Vidarbhism Khajuraho..!!!

Back to the work routine and again I have become busy bee..!! It’s today, I could take out some time to write.

Before coming back to Mumbai, I visited the village Chamorshi near 160km from Nagpur- my native place. The place Markanda near Chamorshi is known for the ‘Shiva’ temple situated at the bank of Wainganga river.

The journey started with the delicious breakfast at tapri in small village, batatawada, kandepohe, kanda-bhaji and hot tea… !! Awesome.. simply awesome it was.

The place of attraction is the 200-300 years old Shiva temple. It is a cluster of 24 ancient temples, which are perhaps the most elaborately sculptured temples dedicated to Shiva. The carving of the temple is marvelous, simply incredible. The pujari in the temple told that out of the 24 temples, only 18 stand, the rest claimed by lightning 300 years ago. The temples are red and majestic; its walls are adorned with buxom, bold, beautiful, detailed sculptures of gods, goddesses, monkeys, lions, elephants, and nymphs. A shivalingam is at the centre of this theatre of ruins. The pujari explained that the place is unique for one reason: it has a shrine dedicated to Yama Dharma Raj or God of Death. I could say it’s a Vidarbhism Khajuraho.

And and the most important is the river with clear sky blue color. It was my first ride in the boat – say hodi. (hodi/ nav is the wooden boat). 🙂


During return journey, I had even more delicious food at Dhaba…!!

The day well spent with family… peace.. much needed change…!!! 🙂

Don’t know when I will get such break again…  busy again.. !! 😦

The pictures can tell better story. Enjoy the pics.. Hasta la vista..!!


A memorable visit to the Vidarbhism Khajuraho..!!!

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