My views on Celebrating Birthdays in Orphanage..!!

I have seen lots of people nowadays, celebrating their birthdays at orphanage and then posting those pictures on social networking sites…!! (people can go to any extent to Instagram their pics nowadays…)

I have pretty different view on this and I have a full right to share it.

I really don’t agree with this trend nowadays..!! Is it a status symbol? I mean, do people think that posting such pictures would show the world how great human beings they are? They are wrong I guess.

Everywhere, it has become an increasingly fashionable nowadays to celebrate birthdays among orphans.Celebrating a birthday in orphanage usually means  distributing sweets or clothes or books or furniture to orphanage or poor school. I appreciate the kindness to share the happiness with under privileged but won’t it be sensitive to do something meaningful like sponsoring education if you really want to help? In my opinion its next to cruelty to parade and pamper yourself  in front of kids who don’t have a family for namesake!

Of course, sharing our happiness with less fortunate people is a great idea rather than wasting money on those big parties… !!! How about letting the kids cut the birthday cake? Instead of paying, distributing food items and sharing quality time with these special kids sound a better idea to me. How about contributing the money in group and sponsoring the education of kids? I totally understand that not everyone can sponsor education. It’s a long term financial commitment, and we can’t take such decision just like that in excitement and leave it after sometime. How about giving them gifts during Diwali or on birthdays, like crackers, books, pens, pencils? I guess this is affordable for the people who are willing to donate at the orphanage…!! How about teaching them free of cost during weekends…?

The great idea would be contributing and celebrating those kids’ birthdays than celebrating your own.

What actually annoys my mind is why posting it on social networking sites? To see how many like you are getting for your act of kindness? or to see whether your loved ones will get impressed by your kind gestures and think that how lucky they are to get such a great human being like you? why need a show off?

Once I saw on Facebook that someone had posted his  acknowledgment receipt where 1000/Rs amount was written which he donated to orphanage. What to comment now??? 😦

Anyways let us not be judgmental and welcome the ideas coming from the genuinely interested people. I believe it is all about the intention. With genuine intention comes the thoughtfulness and idea to care and cater to their needs. Otherwise it simply turns an act to boost our own ego and cater to our own sense of pride.

Point is, “Donate for your own happiness not to impress people.  🙂 🙂 🙂 ”

Ms. Prajkta Waditwar


My views on Celebrating Birthdays in Orphanage..!!

4 thoughts on “My views on Celebrating Birthdays in Orphanage..!!

  1. Donating in orphanages is more like satisfying one’s ego. It stems out of the fact that people think that they are doing “Service” to somebody that makes them a better person and everybody wants to share this with the world. It’s more like branding the word “social work”. People do not consider the fact that the kids who are getting benefited are actually doing a service to these people by accepting their “donations”. This bias is never going to change and we can just hope people to be more sensitive in the future.

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  2. Ashween Dani says:

    Prajkta, you are a great writer. Read all your blogs. I am impressed by your linkefin profile as well. Super combination of beauty, brain, talents and top of all humbleness. Keep writing. All the best.

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