Happy Teacher’s day…!!!

Today is the birthday of the most revered teacher – Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrisnan – an incredibly knowledgable scholar yet a very kind guide. It is the day when students appreciate and recognise their teachers for their efforts in shaping the lives and careers. On this day, I would like to Thank almost each and every individual I met till the moment because each person has taught me enough to add into my life experiences. If I look back to admire the people who have contribution in those proud and prestigious moments went by in my life, I realise it’s not only my family and teachers but all my friends, critics, enemies; almost everyone has an enormous share.
Indeed I don’t need any special day to thank these folks, still today I would soul heartedly thank the individual who actually taught me to colour the Canvas in my childhood. He was a poor and senile man, yet still taught me painting into the small classroom with full enthusiasm. And because of him today I can add the word ‘PROFESSIONAL’ with my painting skills. He is no more now but every-single day when I hold paint brush I remember him. Honestly, Only ‘thanks’ is not enough for the efforts he has taken to teach me, the gratefulness is for everyday… Lifelong..!!!
Moreover, I was always one of the most beloved students of my teachers since childhood. Ironically, I couldn’t meet each one of them now but I always feel this for them:
“आपने बनाया है मुझे इस यौग्य
की प्राप्त करू मै अपना लक्ष…!!!
दिया है हर समय अापने सहारा..,
जबभी लगा मुझे की मै हारा…!!!”

Happy Teachers’ day…!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Ms. Prajkta Waditwar

Happy Teacher’s day…!!!

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