Though Online banking – money transfer, online tax payments, tax returns save our precious time but with the introduction of same, number of frauds have been increased tremendously.
I thought of sharing the incidences happened with me and one of my friends today so that atleast some people would be aware of this hoodwinking and will not be lured by the cheaters.
Incidence 1
I received a message from DM-087570 on my mobile (the one which is not or never been registered with online banking):
quote ”
Dear Miss Prajkta Waditwar, This is an official reminder that your income tax benefit has been computed and it is ready to be released to you. Your column statistics revealed that you are due for a refund of 39,775.09 Rs. Follow the link to request a refund to enable us transfer the amount into your account
The above mentioned link is fake.
The authorised link for any issues regarding income is for India is as below: 2
My friend received a call from ICICI (fake) saying ‘your account is not registered with KYC (Know your customer), and asked her to register it else the account will be closed. The person on other side, ensured that he will register the account with KYC (showing as if he is an ICICI employee and has rights to do so..) only thing you have to do is to confirm the code to be sent on your mobile. The code is nothing but OTP (One time password) for net banking.Above incidences can happen with anyone, just do not entertain such messages or calls and don’t be a victim of such frauds.


Ms. Prajkta Waditwar


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